Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP)

What is it?  

ACP is a safe, versatile, and highly effective treatment used to get rid of unwanted skin blemishes such as skin tags, broken capillaries and many more. The Advanced Cosmetic Procedures treatments have been around for many years, and were developed to treat a variety of skin conditions safely and comfortably. They are used primarily as a cosmetic treatment for of the face, neck, shoulder, chest, and back, which are the areas of the body that get most exposure to the harmful effects of the sun and the environment.

How does it work?

Typically a diathermy current, which produces heat, passes through a very fine needle which is used to cauterise the unwanted skin blemish. There are numerous techniques used to remove unsightly blemishes that often affect confidence and self-esteem. How the treatment is performed totally depends on the area and blemish type that I am treating. As an example, for unsightly skin tags, having selected the right needle size and level of heat to suit the size of the tag, the needle is inserted and a diathermy current (heat) is used to create a “block”, therefore stopping the blood flow to the tag.  The tag may be immediately removed, or turn black and within four to five days “drop off”. ACP treatments provide very good results for superficial skin problems. Multiple treatments may be required.


I have been performing ACP for 28 years, so you couldn’t be in safer or more experienced hands.

Treatment times and costs

Consultation £55.00
Up to 30 minutes at £95.00
Up to 60 minutes at £180.00

Cancellation Policy
48 hours notice will incur a 50% appointment fee
24 hours notice will incur a full appointment fee




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