One of my specialist treatments is Electrolysis, the world renowned and highly respected treatment for the permanent removal of unwanted hairs. 

Electrolysis treats individual hairs by inserting a fine sterile probe down the shaft of each hair follicle. A current is then applied to the tip of the probe which in turn damages the “root” area so disabling future growth. 

Electrolysis is not just the only permanent method of hair removal, but unlike other hair removal methods, the type or colour of hair does not affect the quality or result of treatment. Therefore blonde, white, or grey – as well as dark – hair types are all equally successfully treated. 

Electrolysis clients are regular appointments in my salon diary and because the areas most commonly treated are the top lip and chin, (although bikini line, under arms and legs can be treated) the boost to confidence that this treatment brings is more than worth the slight discomfort of the treatment.

How long until treatment results
are visible?

This depends on a number of factors including skin and hair type, hormones and age. 

Does it hurt?

It does not hurt as I guide the probe gently along the hair shaft. It is the release of small amounts of current that can produce a sensation. 

Treatment times
and costs

Consultation at £60.00 
Up to 30 mins at £41.00 

Up to 60 minutes at £74.50

Cancellation Policy
48 hours notice will incur a 50% appointment fee
24 hours notice will incur a full appointment fee





Pine Brae Beauty Salon, Meopham, Kent