Seborrhoeic Keratosis Warts

Seborrhoeic Keratosis Warts

These are very common skin growths that tend to develop with age and UV damage. They are harmless and non-contagious. Seborrhoeic keratosis warts are usually brown, black or light tan in colour, they are typically raised, waxy, crusty and very itchy. They can range from very small to 1 inch (+) across in size. They can develop singularly but multiple growths are more common.


It’s not known exactly what causes seborrhoeic keratosis warts, there tends to be a genetic trend.

Treatment times and costs

Consultation at £60.00
Up to 30 minutes at £105.00
Up to 60 minutes at £190.00

Cancellation Policy
48 hours notice will incur a 50% appointment fee
24 hours notice will incur a full appointment fee




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