I am thrilled to be introducing to you and also into my gorgeous salon.

is the inspiration and passion belonging to a wonderful lady called Sonal Keay. Sonal is a barrister therefore disciplined research and evidence-based facts combined with many hours of study, are the core values that finally led her to what is now a fabulous award-winning, luxury silk business. Her dream has always been to recreate the ‘old fashioned‘ thick and lustrous silk, not the thin, flimsy fabric most commonly found on the high street today.

What are the benefits of silk pillowcases?

Research studies have concluded that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can slow down or prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Younger, healthier and more radiant skin

The natural albumen found in silk helps speed up the metabolism of your skin cells, resulting in faster cell renewal giving you younger, healthier and more radiant skin.

A Scandinavian study revealed that cotton pillowcases may actually increase the development of wrinkles due to their roughness on your skin. While you sleep, the porous fibre is believed to absorb a proportion of your skins natural oils into its fabric.

Uncomfortable hot flushes reduced!

Due to being an extremely light weight and  breathable material, silk renders itself as a natural heat regulator. This means that silk has the ability to help you maintain a cool, consistent temperature throughout the night by controlling excessive sweating and therefore hot flushes.

Silk can do wonders
for your hair

It is now widely recognised that sleeping on a smooth silk pillowcase can prevent your hair from tangling, frizzing and drying out over time by helping maintain a continually healthy moisture balance.

If you suffer from a flaky scalp or dry, split ends, a silk pillowcase is the answer for you!

 uses a 22 momme weight of silk fibre throughout their range to create a significantly heavier, superior grade fabric.

This gives greater lustre and is more durable and amazingly, is completely machine washable!

Silk – a brief history.  According to Chinese legend, it was as far back as the 27th century BC, when young Empress His Ling Shi first unwittingly discovered silk. The story says that whilst sipping tea under a Mulberry tree, a cocoon fell into her cup and began to unravel. She became completely captivated by the shimmering threads and eagerly discovered their source, the shy Bombyx Mori silkworm. And so for nearly 3 millennia this beautiful and exotic fabric has been traded around the globe, it’s value often surpassing that of precious gem stones and gold.

  standard size pillowcase cost £49.99 each.

There are his and hers designs or why not have a fabulous matching pair so you can have one on the bed and one in the wash? There’s no need to rush the drying process!

These also make a fabulously elegant, glamorous and sophisticated gift for an amazing friend.

There’s also a mesh delicates laundry bag (£6.00 each)  to look after your precious ‘sleeping partners‘ that can happily be used for delicate underwear too.

Please see washing recommendations printed on your box.


I really hope you love the new additions to my salon because I most certainly do Xx

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